Zara’s Third Book | 2018 Timelines: La Maestra History

  • Zara Marselian publishes her third book, Surviving in the Shadows. The book illustrates the real-life experiences of people who have escaped from trafficking, domestic violence and political oppression. Through the collection of stories, as told by the people who have been trapped in these forms of modern-day slavery, the book provides an authentic and hopeful look into overcoming these injustices.


  • La Maestra’s Oral Health Initiative Program, serving children 0-5 and pregnant women, expanded access to health for the undeserved in a novel and innovative way through the Henry Schein Cares Medal.


  • La Maestra was able to improve access to mental health, substance abuse, and obesity prevention services to Hoover High School, Clark (Monroe) Middle School, Rosa Parks Elementary, and Central Elementary School through integrated telemedicine that will allow students to quickly consult with a provider.


  • La Maestra added Chiropractic services in an effort to further integrate the La Maestra Circle of Care servicesĀ®, which provides primary and specialty care, including holistic medicine along with social services in an effort to improve overall health and wellness outcomes.


The organization received two Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admiration grants (SAMHSA SBIRT and SAMHSA MAT-PDOA.)