Cultural Liaisons & Case Management

To ensure that all services are integrated and coordinated and that patients have access to needed services in a timely manner, case managers work to facilitate active partnerships between patients, their families, and their primary care teams. Patients with chronic conditions and complex cases are provided patient navigation services by case managers that work to ensure that all aspects of the Circle of Care are working together to improve patient self-management and overall health outcomes. Additionally, La Maestra strives to provide all services in a culturally and linguistically competent manner with the help of Medically Trained Cultural Liaisons (MTCLs) and translation and interpretation services provided by staff that are fluent in 28 different languages and dialects.

MTCL & Case Management services are available at all locations:

City Heights
El Cajon First Street
El Cajon Broadway
National City
Lemon Grove Dental Clinics
School-Based Sites