Health Homes Program (HHP)

Enhanced Care Management

7 Core Areas

1. Outreach and Engagement:

2. Comprehensive Assessment and Care Management Planning

3. Enhanced Coordination of Care

4. Health Promotion

5. Comprehensive Transitional Care

6. Member and Family Supports

7. Coordination of and Referral to Community and Social Support Services

•From January 2022, La Maestra Community Health Centers offers Enhanced Care Management services  in San Diego county. ECM is a Medi-Cal managed care benefit that addresses clinical and non-clinical needs of high-need individuals through the coordination of services and comprehensive care management.

•Enhanced Care Management (ECM) will help people to improve health outcomes by supporting them with their medical care and social health needs.

•La Maestra ECM is a HUB  providing comprehensive and  integrated  health and supportive services to eligible La Maestra patients and eligible non La Maestra patients

La Maestra

Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and

Community Supports (CS)

4010 Fairmount Avenue

San Diego Ca 92105