Security Guard (Rover)

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Full time · $22.00 – $26.00


Paid Vacation, Paid Personal Time, Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, 401K / Retirement Plan

Job Description

Pay Range: $22.00- $26.00 per hour, depends on experience (DOE)



Hours of Work:


Status/ Hours:

Full Time/Non-Exempt


The Security Guard is responsible for their continuous presence on La Maestra property during duty hours, assisting medical personnel at late hours by escorting them to the car parking lots,

observing everything suspicious on the site and reporting observations/incidents to administration, physical

interference with unauthorized persons found on property using a verbal warning, calling the police if any crime is observed, and other duties as assigned.

This position includes driving to various La Maestra Locations in company vehicle.


·        Patrol the inside and outside of the building regularly throughout your shift. If appropriate, also patrol other LMCHC properties regularly.

·        Check for open/locked doors, windows, etc. for property safety.

·        Be visible to patients and staff throughout your shift.

·        Have a 2-way radio on your person throughout your shift to ensure you’re accessible.

·        Disruptive patients are to be communicated with in the following professional manner:

*Approach the patient calmly, and courteously ask the patient to please calm down so that we may assist him/her as needed. Remember that your goal is always to diffuse a situation, and to communicate in a professional manner. Set the tone and be the example.

* If the patient does not change his/her inappropriate behavior and you believe the patient may need to be asked to leave the premises, call for the Clinic Manager/Director to assist. If the Clinic Manager/Director is not available; refer to the RN in charge to ensure the patient is clinically safe to be asked to leave the property. The goal is for the Management/Nurse to pacify the patient and have the behavior corrected so that the patient may be provided the care needed. If that goal cannot be reached due to cursing, safety concerns, threats, excessive yelling, etc., the patient will be asked to leave the premises.

*Once approved, courteously ask the patient to please leave the property or the police will be called. Escort/follow behind the patient as he/she leaves to ensure the safety of other patients and staff.

*If the patient does not leave, contact the police immediately and stay with the patient until police arrive.

·        Ensures compliance with non-smoking policy: Smoking is not permitted inside the building. Smoking is only permitted outside the designated areas more than 25 feet away from building entrances. Enforce this as needed.

·        Security Guards are not to handle any biohazard material.

·        Security Guards are to assist management/staff when requested is possible.

·        Security Guards are to walk employees to their vehicles upon request.

·        Turn televisions and recorders on/off as needed; assist with changing out movies throughout the day.

·        Assist with ensuring a clean and safe environment for all patients/staff by helping with taking out trash, clearing out boxes, accepting delivery items, delivering items internally, etc. as requested.

·        Always respond to codes immediately

*Code Green= Disruptive Patient. Report to the specific area noted when the code was called. If area is not specified, check the front desk immediately.


*Code Red= Fire Emergency. Security guards are to calmly advise patients to exit the building and gather at the designated assembly areas. During this time, cars are not to be driven/moved from the surrounding parking lots. Security Guards are also to assist with checking all patient rooms, offices, and restrooms to ensure they are empty, all doors are closed, and all persons have exited the building. Ensure to always knock before entering a room with a closed door.


*Code Blue= Medical Emergency. Security guards are to check where the medical emergency is and assist the medical staff as needed/requested. If paramedic are called, standby and direct them to the correct area. Keep the area clear of onlookers and/or staff not needing to be involved with the emergency.

·        Open/lock doors as needed at the beginning/end of the day.

·        Deter patients from accessing 2nd and 3rd floors before 8am (Fairmount Site).

·        Conduct a sweep of the entire building (all rooms, offices, work spaces, departments. etc.) in the evening to ensure all patients/staff have exited the building.

*Ensure to always knock before entering the room.

·        Maintain hourly log, record all normal and abnormal observations during patrols.

·        Observe everything suspicious on the site and report it to administration.

·        Call the police if any crime is observed.

  • Maintain effective communication and working relationships with other employees and patients.

·        Participates in department or unit quality improvement activities.

·        Stay vigilant and ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the clinic. For this reason we do not permit friends or family members loitering on the premises or other non-patient company. In addition to being visible around the clinic at all times it is not authorized to be seated in a car at any time during work hours.

other duties as assigned.

La Maestra Community Health Centers is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability or any other legally protected status.

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