La Maestra Asthma Health Management

Asthma Mitigation Project (AMP)

To help you with Asthma Control and Management

  • Your Asthma Health Coordinator will help you:
    • Understand your Asthma Action Plan and how to use it
    • Coordinate with your healthcare providers and link you with community resources
    • Conduct environmental assessment and identify asthma triggers
    • Manage, control, and assess your asthma symptoms and medication
    • Understanding your condition by providing asthma education
    • Asthma trigger supplies remediation supplies

Asthma Remediation (CS)

  • Asthma Remediation services will be provided through Medi-Cal Community Support (CS) to eligible Enhanced Care Management (ECM) members and Medi-Cal recipients.

Asthma Mitigation Project (AMP)

  • The Asthma Mitigation Project is funded by Sierra Health Foundation
  • Open to anyone who is uninsured, underinsured and has confirmed uncontrolled asthma

La Maestra

Asthma Health Management (AHM) 4010 Fairmount Avenue

San Diego Ca 92105