Research has found that the top three reasons that La Maestra patients do not keep their appointments when being referred to another site are language barriers, fear of not knowing the physician, and transportation barriers. La Maestra’s telemedicine program removes these barriers that prevent patients from obtaining specialty care. Telehealth services are available at all La Maestra primary care clinic sites. All sites have scopes and other diagnostic tools, treatment rooms, and providers that are trained to conduct examinations that help the specialists on the other end of video visits to make an informed decision. Translation and interpretation services are also available for video visits by diverse staff at La Maestra.

In light of the 2019 coronavirus, more commonly known as COVID-19, La Maestra has greatly expanded its telemedicine program. Services currently being provided via telemedicine include COVID-19 screenings, non-emergent primary care, teledentistry, health education, behavioral health, addiction psychiatry, case management, and substance use disorder services.

Telemedicine services are available with all locations:

  • City Heights
  • El Cajon First Street
  • El Cajon Broadway
  • National City
  • Lemon Grove Dental Clinics
  • School-Based Sites