La Maestra understands that it is difficult to afford a vehicle along with the added ongoing expenses of maintaining that vehicle including insurance, general maintenance, and the high cost of fuel. Individuals and families without their own means of transportation to get to the doctor’s office have the option to use public transportation, but this is not always feasible for older adults, individuals with chronic conditions or disabilities, and for families and individuals with young children. In response, La Maestra implemented its patient transportation program with the help of generous grant funding and donations.

La Maestra’s transportation services are available to transfer patients to and from other clinical sites for all services including primary and specialty care, and social services. Several highly visible passenger vans are used to transport patients to and from the organization’s clinic sites located in City Heights, Lemon Grove, National City, and El Cajon. Any patient with no other means of transportation can call the call center when making an appointment and let the patient service representative (PSR) know that they are in need of transportation. The PSR will then call a driver to arrange pick-up.

Most recently, La Maestra formed a partnership with the Aetna Foundation to start a pilot concierge service with Lyft. La Maestra staff are able to utilize Lyft concierge to order rides to and from the main clinic for primary care patients who do not have access to, or unable to use other means of transportation. Thus far, clinic staff have been able to schedule rides throughout the day in order to provide safer transportation to patients in need of clinic services as well as social services.

If you need a ride to one of our clinic sites, please call your respective clinic.

Please call La Maestra’s main line at (619) 280-4213 to get more information about our transportation services.

Hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 8am-2pm.